Natural gas used to power WA homes and business is transported through an 1800km transmission line known as the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. In 2009, work began on a half billion dollar expansion of the most critical piece of energy infrastructure in WA.  The project, known as the Stage 5B expansion was critical in that it added much needed capacity to the pipeline. The most sensitive and invasive works took place through Perth’s north eastern suburbs, affecting thousands of homeowners and many more community members.

Working closely with engineering teams, gtmedia was tasked with developing a comprehensive stakeholder relations program to ensure the community understood the project, its impact and was kept its informed of progress. In practical terms, this required regular scheduled communication (digital and printed), community meetings and information sessions, the introduction of a 24/7 phone line to answer questions or concerns, and the establishment of information booths at local shopping centres.

The stakeholder relations strategy and our careful, thorough implementation were critical to the project’s ultimate success and generated widespread community support despite considerable disruption. Importantly, there was no negative media attention nor delays caused by community concerns. The hard work in engagement was done up front.